Brunchin out at ISLA MEXICAN KITCHEN, The Pearl – Qatar

I could have not asked for a better place to unwind – Isla, sitting in the heart of The Pearl – Qatar, indulging myself in an experience of authentic street comfort food straight from the heart of Mexico.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I strolled along the sidewalks of The Pearl when I heard this Mexican upbeat from afar; thought I had a moment of eargasm. And so, I went to walk onto the restaurant’s terrace where I was welcomed with massive lamps and marina views, in a matter of seconds, I had a feeling “this is going to be an impeccable experience”.

I went ahead to have a peek inside. The place has been remarkably bedecked with epic walled mirrors and wooden lights carefully hanged up. Looking onto it’s side, lies a round table which would accommodate, say 4 to 5 individuals (good for groups). Not to mention, the amiable waitress showed me all the way up to their Party like an authentic Gringo at Isla’s private room “El Gringo” which would likewise accommodate 12 people.

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Anyway, I thought of sharing with you what you should look for when Isla is going to launch their brand new menu that had been thought out for a couple of months. Each dish had been thoroughly contrived by the expert team at Isla Mexican kitchen.

For starters, Isla offers a wide range of food selection, keeping in mind that their concept is drawn on a communal dining experience. Ensalada de bayas – baby leaves and berries tossed around it satisfied my taste buds as it was perfectly infused with homemade yogurt dressing; I couldn’t ask for more. En frijoles con Veneno came next; refried beans with medium prepared beef? Yes, Please! The authentic North Mexican dish, all drenched in chili sauce was quite heavy for an appetizer, yet I’d say you’d definitely dig in for more like I did.

These two first courses served left me brimming, but it did not stop there. We moved on to the main meal which included Albondigas de pollo – chicken meatballs sitting on top of coriander rice (went really well with the chicken) and Taco de chicharron – fried tempura shrimp with cabbage salad, topped with a slice of avocado, served with Mexican rice, charro beans and arbol chili sauce; providing a flavourful blend of exotic tastes is definitely one to watch out for!

Albondigas de pollo ISLA

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To simply finish off the course, Tamal Dulce, a sweet corn tamal stuffed with berries compote topped with an ice cream was served. I also went sipping halfway through my Mango Caipirinha as I enjoyed a highly satisfying lunch, making the most of Qatar’s winter weather sitting outdoors. Oh, and by the way, entertainment happens on a Thursday & Friday night.

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For more details:
Instagram: @isla_mexican_kitchen_qatar
Facebook: Isla Mexican Qatar

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Haina Uddin is an artist, fashion & beauty enthusiast currently based in Doha, Qatar. She is a college student that has an immense passion for numerous kinds of arts such as singing, make-up, and modeling.

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