Meet Middle East Award Winning Consultant & Founder of Swasthi Yoga: Vishnu


As 2018 sets out a time of new excursion and opportunities, regardless of whether you’d be rolling out on major life change, it might likewise be a year of struggle in keeping yourself at a manageable balance, taking into account all aspects of life: health, work and emotional well-being.

At this time of age, amongst the chaos, I as well, see a lack of time for a brisk workout. Take it from a millennial like me, who is constantly via web-based networking media all day, thinking of new contents, working out an hour is easier said than done. Vishnu Yoga

And so, let me be the one to introduce you with young well-being consultants, and Book Author “Silence to Stillness” A Practical Guide to Enhance and Deepen Your Meditation Practice – Vishnu, from India, who has traveled to Maldives, Italy,  and Greece, to name a few, imparting his yoga technique – introduced me to “Swasthi Yoga“.

I could go on and talk about how inspiring he is as a yoga mentor; goes hand in hand with each students, encouraging them to meditate, and trusting in oneself as he not only instructs how to accomplish a sense of balance in doing yoga postures, along these lines, he additionally gives motivational speeches amid the one-and-a-half-hour class. Needless to say during this period, each individual perceive an uplifting mood having provided an exhilarating view from inside the studio.

Power slimming yoga at Intercon Doha
Power slimming yoga at Intercontinental Hotel, The Bay Club, Doha
Yoga Class at Sheraton Doha
Detox Complete Purification at Sheraton Doha.


Having gone to three of his various classes; he offers Detox Complete purification, Power slimming yoga and Transformation yoga – which we agreed on having a giveaway class recently on my Instagram, as I feel a need to give my fellas a chance to experience what I’ve had during my yoga sessions at Sheraton Doha.






At first, I was quite reluctant on attempting yoga out of the blue as I thought of it doing relentless propelled yoga postures which would require so much time. Be that as it may, when I made my thorough research regarding Swasthi Yoga; a quicker method for accomplishing transformation within weeks, it made me think of stepping out my comfort zone, challenging and believing in myself into trying something new.

Below, Vishnu gives us a low down on how he got into yoga, sharing his influences and  tips on balancing the mind, body and soul.

1. What exactly is Swasthi Yoga?


Vishnu Swasthi Yoga
Swasthi Yoga guides you along each pose to open up the entire diameter of the body much quicker than standard yoga poses making the practice much easier, safer and quicker to master.  This allows you to test your limits, see and feel the changes only after a few classes.  It does not limit and standardize its moves or keep to the same level.

This unique style aims to transform one’s development to help achieve unlimited and unbelievable progress within a shorter period of time. You may have been practicing for years or just started –  this would take a long time to achieve a master strength, flexibility and progress.  As a result, many people stop practicing leading to disappointment, frustration and laziness.  “Swasthi Yoga” (“Swasthi” is a Sanskrit word meaning Well Being, Success).  It emphasizes your wellness potential and ability.

Thus, it is originally based on Hatha yoga. It is famous for its miraculous healing ability and fast transformational power in one’s practice. It is a very powerful 90-minute series of yoga postures and breathing exercises, internal organ, and gland while systematically moving fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of your body with an added equal activation of the entire diameter of the body. ​ “Progress and process go hand in hand”, defining its capabilities. There are hundreds of assisted techniques that support the student as per their present body condition, health and flexibility.  The secret lies in understanding how to fully operate the body and mind.


2. How did you get into teaching yoga?

I was fascinated by advanced yoga poses as when I was at the age of 15, that’s what attracted me. But while in the process, I understood it’s not just about doing a pose, its way of living which made me continue the yogic journey deeply from a very young age and was initiated into yogic meditation practices.

3. What is your greatest achievement as a yoga instructor?

 Swasthi Yoga at Sheraton

I don’t think much about my achievements. I get excited and feel great when my students achieve and see improvements with their practice.

4. How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga helps keep alive the child in me, trains the way of living in the moment, and how to use this human life to help people and spread love.

5. What makes your yoga classes unique?

Swasthi Yoga

I think it’s because my teaching is different than the normal studio standardized teaching, I train with yogis and people who’s living the life of yoga to reach higher consciousness. I think my teaching is different than many yoga styles or method. I train how to grow physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

6. Who has been your greatest influence?

My gurus: Acharya Swami, Yogini Chandralekha, Swami Mahadevanandji, Maharajah and Bks Iyengar

7. What piece of advice would you give to someone who has never tried yoga before?

Start with baby steps and listen to your body. Grow to advanced poses with cooperation of the body, and never fight or force the body.

                   8. How important is meditation to your yoga practice?

 Sheraton Doha

Yoga poses are meant to prepare towards meditation, while doing the poses; connecting the body, mind, and breath together. Once I get you to that, then we can meditate helping us to bring deeper, to a level of quality meditation.

For me personally, meditation is in the moment automatically. Also makes me lighter, focused, and helps me to be more self-aware. Thus, it helps us to deal with our day-to-day situations to handle smoothly without having to encounter overreaction.

9. What’s your favorite yoga pose? And Why?

I don’t have a favorite pose, as each poses are unique and its physical, mental and spiritual benefits are different, so all are my favorite poses.

10. What obstacles has yoga helped you overcome?

Vishnu Yoga Doha

Yoga has helped me identify my true self.

11. What is the most rewarding part of being a yoga teacher?

To see my student’s life changing process through yoga and the love I get from them.

12. Why is yoga so important for the times we’re living in?

Everyone is so busy, and we start forgetting our own true self. We are on a race of achieving goals that we forget the importance of our health that causes mental stress, lack of fulfillment and happiness. Our minds are so busy now. Yoga helps us to keep our body active and mind calm.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I don’t know, and it’s strange to hear. I just surrender to the higher consciousness. Just move with the flow by living in the moment.

To see class schedules CLICK HERE.

Learn more about Vishnu Swasthi Yoga on his Main Page, Facebook, and Instagram.

Contact details: +974 7053 8971
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