Italian Designer On The Rise: Valeria Mazzei

Valeria Mazzei is a 17 year old, super talented Italian designer and creator boss of Venus Karma. We first met on an event called “fashion blogger of the year” awarding ceremony. On that day, she introduced me to her brand, carrying her very own sumptuous purse. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with her and her fashion line. She makes really dope clothes and has done some impressive designs on shirts, purses, caps, etc.

Check out some of her creations and my interview with her below!

  1. How did you get into fashion?

All my life my parents had a very creative and artistic influence on me due to their job and interests, therefore I always liked getting involved and developing my skills. I remember that I’ve done the first fashion sketches when I was around 9 years old by stealing some leather samples from my mom’s office bag. When I arrived in Qatar 2 years and half ago, I discovered again the pleasure of drawing, which drove me back to fashion sketching. My parents have always supported my passion and tried their best to make my dream come true.

  1. What challenges did you face in starting your own brand?

When you start your brand, especially at this young age, you are immediately projected into the ‘unknown’ business life and you really understand what does hard work mean. When you create something, it is pure art, which gives you a dose of pure happiness, but then you pass to a state in which you realize that you need to make things happen and nothing happens by its self. It is when the real hard work comes in and you need to be focused more than ever because it is very easy to feel giving everything up. “If you want, you can” is what my mom constantly repeats to me and so far, I experienced it myself.

  1. What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

There’s no best moment so far until I will be truly satisfied with how Venus Karma has made an impact in the fashion business. However, I am very grateful at the moment for the way my brand is growing and giving me small gratifications. In this way, I can see how all the hard work is slowly being repaid.


  1. Where does the name Venus Karma come from?

I remember that I spent a whole week thinking about a name for my brand that would include the initial of my name ‘V’, yet at the same time making a connection with my Italian roots and my personal beliefs about life. Not randomly, but very thought out; Venus Karma took life. Venus is one of the most influential Roman goddess of the ancient history, whose functions comprehended love, beauty, desire, prosperity and victory.

While Karma is the destiny of someone’s life from the sum of its actions, which symbolized the transaction of today’s hard work into tomorrow’s success.


  1. Describe your brand in 5 words



Multi ethnic



  1. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the surrounding and the current influential trends. I want my brand to be innovative, yet including trendy elements that people want to possess and wear. For the future, I would like to mix more the western and eastern culture to perfectly represent my experience living in the GCC.


  1. What music do you listen to when you design?

When I listen to music, I need to feel it and vibe with it, therefore I specifically choose the tracks depending from my mood and what I want to transmit with my designs. Sometimes, when I want to hype up a bit and do more manual work, I like to listen to “trap music”. When I need to be completely focused and determined with work, I love to listen to Jazz or piano instrumentals.

  1. What do you love about Haina’s Style?

I love the makeup tutorials she does because applying makeup is a very creative and artistic skill that I would like to develop more… That’s why I watch her tutorials!

When it comes to fashion, I like how she can give different options of style by using the same elements, therefore giving to it a brand new look depending from the atmosphere.

vk models

  1. What is it about your style that sets you apart from other clothing line?

For my current collection, I wanted to include both trendy and innovative elements, glued by what the customer really wants, thus giving the choice of customization of the product.


  1. Finish this thought: “In 5 years, I hope I am…”

In 5 years, I hope I am having the opportunity of experiencing the best adventures in life and finally affirming Venus Karma in the fashion business.


Instagram: Venus Karma

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