How to: Casually flaunt a simple tee

Perhaps, we’ve disparaged this not really fundamental not-so basic basic, on the grounds that as indicated by a couple of street styles; there’s more than one approach to wear a shirt. Let me tell you this – there are ways you can take this trusty ol’ top from boring to bold.

I mean, sure, there appears a considerable measure to pair a cute tee with jeans and kicks, and call it a day. But why would we do that if there are several ways to amp up our style? You see adorable outfits everywhere, and you may think, “how hard would it be?” Well, as it turns out, it can be quite difficult. For many of us, building up our own particular feeling of individual style can take quite a while. You need to see what you’re comfortable in, what you like best on yourself, how to style your outfits impressively and above all, being confident in it.

What makes an outfit extraordinary is the way you style it – the accessories you include & the way you match various apparel together. While you’re tryna figure out your style, don’t be hesitant to attempt the astonishing style tips that are readily available all over Pinterest, blogs, magazines and try combining it. Any of these recommendations can change a drilling outfit into one that will catch everybody’s attention fosho! Here’s how I styled “I’m no angel, that’s for sure” top (you can see outfit deets below):


Haina Uddin I'm no angel

Haina Uddin blog

Cop my style:

Top: mydamour

Skirt: Bershka

Choker: Zara

Purse: H&M

Boots: Gibi


One response to “How to: Casually flaunt a simple tee”

  1. such a cool outfit and you look awesome as always.
    Hadasah ||

    Liked by 1 person

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