Upgrade your baking & strobing game with Sigmabeauty

a pop of highlight, radiant and fresh youthful skin, that’s we’re all about this season. Embracing strobing and ditching contouring is the new art. I haven’t longed for brushes that would perfect highlight and baking until I discovered Sigma beauty’s multifunctional brushes that were designed to create any look you wish to achieve.

Remember that post Kim K had on YouTube about Strobing? It just had 6M views, no big deal. As a matter of fact, A-list celebrities, and numerous models follow this makeup trend as it requires less products, effort and time. Never did we ever think we would see the day that contouring became so yesterday. Behold of these innovative brushes as they are going to replace your makeup sponges.


To simply put it in together, I have gathered my thoughts of this makeup trend which you can find below:

1. What is Strobing?

 Strobing is like the cousin of contouring which requires full 360 view of face. It highlights your best features which results to a dewier and bright look. For short, use a creamy highlighter and opt for the cheekbones, T-zone, cupid’s bow and tip of the nose for a radiant appearance.


2. What is Baking?


Baking originally rose out of the world of drag queens, who often use this technique to keep their make-up looking immaculate for several hours. Here’s a hint: after applying a concealer, add a coat of light-coloured powder under the eyes, or bridge of the nose and leave it to bake for between 5 to 10 minutes. Sweep away the excess using Sigma’s Powder Sweep.


Let me guide you to these five unique brushes designed to be multipurpose and help set & highlight the face.

F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki: A mimic of a beauty blender sponge created to stipple the concealer all over. Simply sprits some makeup setter to let it glide throughout the under eyes. I likewise use it  for my blush and simply dab it on the face which works perfectly well.

 F89 Bake Kabuki: A brush used to place the baking powder under the eyes. It does help aid in perfecting my contour as well for a sharper edge. This brush helps reach the nicks and crannies of the face with its angled design. Some use it as a foundation brush to achieve an air brush effect.


P89 Bake Precision: I use this lil buddy to blend my concealer impeccably. It does reach the corners of my eyes, nose and is perfect to use when applying a baking powder for places that are hard to grasp. This brush basically helps with tiny details to be précise.

F06 Powder Sweep: With Sigma’s powder sweep brush I find it easier to sweep away baking powder that has been left for too long. I like the idea of this as it does the job for you. It sweeps away the powder in a soft and airy way.


F42 Strobing Fan: Lastly, I am a big fan of strobing as it completes the whole makeup look. It is so thin that it could fit it the brow bones. I am utterly obsessed with this brush and it is everything I expect it to be. It gives good application and I have a control on how much highlight I want to put in.


Get hooked with this set as I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone (Advanced or Beginners). There’s no doubt to purchasing these brushes as it aids in learning and trying on new techniques.

Hurry up and purchase the Baking & Strobing makeup brush set HERE. Use code “SIGMA 2017” to get 10% off.


Disclaimer: The above Sigmabeauty link is an affiliate link. Products were provided courtesy of Sigma Beauty for review. Photos & Opinions are honest and my own.



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