An astonishing plush boutique: Aigner FW 2016 Collection

A keen for the future and a similarly strong feeling of custom – and the cult brand of AIGNER was conceived; a German brand with an Italian soul.

It was that freedom, the memorable feel of that time, which propelled the youthful brand. The leather lifestyle is the dolce vita than anywhere else in Germany. Lavish bags and exclusive adornments are its DNA. The layout of the collections unite the emotion of the past, consolidating tradition with innovation.

This season, Aigner icons is making a beeline for another time. Rich extravagance of stupendous chalet chic meets the simple elegance. The brand is an image for exceptional craftsmanship, highest quality and perfection with a splendid blend of German precision and Tuscan tradition.

You can find the sumptuous boutique laying in the spectacular islands of The Pearl, Porto Arabia, Marina Bay 1 in Qatar.





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