A Palatial Ramadan at Marsa Malaz, Doha

marsa malaz ramadan

Ramadan, is a special event for Muslims around the globe, starting with the witnessing of the new moon is a period for reflection and edification.

Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl – Doha has been remarkably bedecked with wonderfully multifaceted Ramadan lamps and swathes of white fabric proficiently hanged around the light. This experience is given accentuation on the delights of the Holy Month, with an emphasis on sharing, fellowship and festivity.

The popular Palatial Ramadan Tent is situated in the rousing setting of the Palazzo Ballroom. Outside, there lies a lavish Iftar and Sohour buffets, featuring Levantine cooking of Al Sufra, headed by Chef Julien Al Khal. This experience sorts blending traditional recipes and flavours. The dazzling smorgasbord choice incorporates live cooking stations and offers various foods from around the world. There are soups, sushi, zesty Indian curries, turkey roast – the list is interminable. It likewise offers a variety of cooking styles which offer Arabic dishes; shawarma, sambousek, and harissa, to name a few. The traditional Qatari biryani is my personal favorite. There is an assortment of shisha flavors accessible and world class entertainment as well.

In the desserts section, is a spectacular blend of International sweets including Macarons and Spicy Chocolate cake from the specialty of Café Murano. Chocolate fountain and fruits are served as well.

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is genuinely captivating, not to mention, Doha’s driving resort destination at The Pearl-Qatar, is situated for quiet Ramadan and Eid family times. The Palatial Ramadan Tent is a must try!


a palatial Ramadan tent at Marsa Malaz




suhoor 2016

iftar 2016

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Ramadan kareem

A Palatial Ramadan at Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha Qatar

brochure at marsa malaz kempinski ramadan


Contact: +974 4035 5011 or email restaurants.marsamalaz@kempinski.com



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Haina Uddin is an artist, fashion & beauty enthusiast currently based in Doha, Qatar. She is a college student that has an immense passion for numerous kinds of arts such as singing, make-up, and modeling.

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