All About: The Nail Game Pt. 2

I adore some nail art! There are a lot of different tools that you can use at home when you get languid to go out and have it done.

nail art

Fortunately, I have gathered 7 nail art kit which may help you get to grasp with the most essential things in which you can find in any nail workmanship unit under 10 US dollars! (wink) as you can see below:

nail art
OPI Top + Base Coat $9.80
nail studs
Metallic Studs $0.99
quick drying drops opi
Quick drying drops $6.84
opi pastel colors 2016
Mini Soft Shades Pastel 2016 $9.84
nail art pen
Nail Art Pen $3.30
acrylic portable salon kit
Nail file drill kit $8.60
striping tape line
Striping tape line $0.99


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